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WaterWings is a group of people who share the dream of being able to do what we love, from scratch, on our own terms. We are a group of professionals with years of experience in the aeronautical sector.

The company was founded in January 2020 by Francisco Javier Valera Ruiz de la Sierra, subsequently giving entry into the capital of the same to a series of professionals, most of them related to the aerospace sector although not exclusively, who act as collaborators in diverse areas of the company that will fill key positions with full dedication as the company develops.

Initially, all partners act as advisers, in their different areas of expertise. In addition, we have professionals from the world of Engineering, Law, Economics, Design, Marketing, Sports, etc.

WaterWings is located in La Herradura, Spain, between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Our company is inspired to introduce a new technological dimension in snowboarding, surfing, skiing, foiling and, of course, skate / longboard.

We work tirelessly to carefully design and create unique prototypes and products.

We are currently in a high-quality industrial production and development phase to create end products that are top-of-the-line and, of course, affordable for all audiences.

From here we want to present Scrapeboards, the first range of products that WaterWings launches on the market.

Tecnología aeroespacial al alcance de todos

Desde WaterWings queremos aportar nuestra experiencia  y conocimientos adquiridos durante mucho años en la industria aeroespacial, al mundo de los deportes, el entretenimiento y el transporte urbano.

¿Por qué fibra de carbono?

Hay una razón por la que los aviones militares y los cohetes se fabrican con este material. La fibra de carbono de grado aeroespacial cuenta con excelentes propiedades mecánicas, similares a las del acero, pero con cuatro veces menos peso. Esto hace que nuestros Scrapeboards sean extremadamente ligeros, con una flexibilidad, absorción de vibraciones y durabilidad inmejorables.

Scrapeboards is the first range of products that WaterWings launches on the market.

We have developed a longboard, surfskate and «hybrid» board made entirely of 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber. No foam or wood core, nothing but carbon fiber.

Months ago, we launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to industrialize our boards and design and develop more models within the Scrapeboards family.

For all Longboard and Surfskate enthusiasts who want to enjoy the sensation and revolution that our «Scrapeboards» represent, we have all our products available in our online store:

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